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i left. >> kirk: so you are up north and how long before you heard she had been murdered? >> a longtime. >> kirk: how did you find out? >> the district attorney called me. healked to me about what he discovered and legally we were still married. he tried to give me somewhat do you call it? those personal belongings that she had >> kir youere never a suspect? >> no, he did not say i was no suspect whatsoever. i was next to kin is what it was. so i went ahead and talked with him and gave him him the information he wanted to know about me >> kirk: the da had no suspicions but your children thought you may have had something to do with this? >> i don't know if they thought i had something to do with what happened to their mom but i heard my children asked me if i collected any kind of policy on her. and i says no. i don't have a policy on myself
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let alone her >> kirk: you deny that you had an insurance policy on her? >> that the honest to god truth i never had a policy on anybody. >> kirk: your children said that you had been purchasing spending lots of money buying things? >> like what? that is what i would like to know. i drive an old chevy. i rent a house. i am a truck driver thatives check by check. i don't have anything. >> kirk: amy david's eldest daughter is backstage she says while her mom was alive her dad was abusive and got her mom hooked on drugs and since her mother's murder she says her dad has been living high on the hog and wants answers today. welcome amy. [applause] >> well, the thing about this is, i just want to be able to clear the air, have the truth out.
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and that way if possible we could all move forward with a better relationship. i just don't feel thae can have a good relationship if >> kirk: you told our producers you thought he was abusive t your mother. did you see that? >> yes, >> kirk: you've seent. is that part of the story he is leaving out? >> i feel like yeah >> kirk: and he got her hooked on drugs? >> obviously when there was drug use started when i wasn't born yet, i don't know who said, hey hit the pipe or snort this line. i don't know that. but i know that she wasn't the only one. he at least takes responsibility for that part. but the thing about it is i seen so much going on in and out of my house, i thought it was regular for people to break into your house. for people to break into your house. i walked in one day with my parents and said look they didn't steal my teddy it's here on the couch. because our vcr was gone and tv
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and everything. >> i was accused of being abusive, yes. but amy -- by amy. >> but there was no abuse >> i never hit her mother >> i seen you grab my mother out of her car by her hair and black ice and fat lips i seen everything like that. >> amy you were three years old >> and what? does that matter? i am an intelligent woman. >> i'm not saying you did not see >> my 90 pound mom was able to attack you first or what? >> there is a lot of things you did not see, sweetheart >> there are a lot of things right you think i did not see i did see a lot of things. come on. i seen. >> i cannot recall ever grabbing her by the hair and taking her out of a car like that ever >> you saw her friends and she sawer friends, right. >> no, i don't think so young
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lady. i never said tha >> ok. >> you got that part all wrong >> you are trying to make it. >> i'm not saying was perfect >> underneath the couch remember that? >> then why was it that my mom if she was this kind of person that you are saying then you had to leave to getaway from her because it was aad life why did she do a fantastic job bringing myself and my three siblings up? >> you don't know how many times we tried to patch this relationship together >> all i know is most of the time growing up i raised my siblings and melf >> yes, you did. when i went back to see her and try to patch things up you were never there you wer at your grandma's >> that is where we lived. if we did not stay there -- why did she get kicked out of the apartment, why? >> i have no idea >> because you busted down the door and put holes in the walls
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until her landlord kicked her out. >> i did? you are wrong about that >> i d remember that >> kirk: up next another sister we heard her yelling backstage she found out that daddy may be shadier than they thought. she is here to confront him. that is next. [applause] [♪] next on "the test"... >> i want to know about the life insurance >> what life insurance? >> you know i owe it to my mother to find the truth. >> and later... did you collect a life insurance policy on your ex-wife when she died?88888888jñjñjnxñññwóóó
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do you think your son's partner is trying to pin a baby on him and trap them because your son is a catch? do you want to expose your son's partner as a liar? call... [applause] [♪] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test." before the break we talked to david and his oldest daughter amy who is accusing her dad of cashing in on her mom's death by collecting on her life insurance policy. her sister norma says there's more to the mess.
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welcome norma to the stage. [applause] >> i just want to make things more clear. this is not about debating whether you cheated or my mother cheated that is irrelevant. what we are here for is i want to know about the life insurance >> what life insurance? >> you tell me. from the stuff i seen you taking off and going to reno and remarrying and whatever else and taking up and going to another state, you know, from what? where the work isriver i go >> i understand. anytime i called you for help. >> i don't have anything >> or asked y even to clear up the relationship. i never came to you for mother. they took care of u very well. but that is low when you ran off when we were younger to sit there and get life insurance on her. you don't have a right to do
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that >> kirk: did this money come in after your mother's murder? >> the money -- >> we never got any of it. i found out when i was going through my things and i got a letter stating that i had some life insurance on me and my family as well. and i called -- by you. i called the company because i was thinking i did not sign up for this what is this from. it was from you and your job. >> my job? >> yes. >> what job was that? >> i don't know. i did not get into all that. >> 401k or something like that? >> whatever it was. >> retirement funds >> it was life insurance it was under your name. >> life insurance >>nder your name >> i put this on everything and recently, recently. >> show me that stuff >> i could not get ahold of you. >> norma you always had my number >> no, i haven't >> kirk: you think that he had a life insurance policy. you know he says he did n have
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a life insurance policy on your mother and you say he has taken life insurance policy out on you and your kids >> yes. >> on your kids? >> kirk: when you found out your mother was murdered what happened then? >> i was 17 years old. they came to the house. and i got called to come home because something had happened. and i came home and they told me that you know they found your mom. and i'm thinking like found her where what do you mean? does she need a ride o something? no, they found her body and she is dead. so you know for me, that's like heartbreaking because my mom was like my best friend. and, um, you know it is -- it reallyook a toll on me because from that point on likef i wouldn't have had my grandmother
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there to guide me in the right way and say you know what your mom would have wanted you to be successful and you know she would want you to be the good girl that you are. and you know, i graated high school the following month. after her death. i graduated. and you know, i kept working i had a part-time job i was going to junior college as well. and it just bothered me because i didn't really hear nothing from my dad >> kirk: but you heard from the neighbors the relatives at a barbecue that he was buying motorcycles and trucks? >> that came a little bit later because after you know, i know for a fact that the government will give $255 to the spouse of a deceased person. and my dad was the spouse they were legally married. and we -- >> kirk: $255 you cannot buy a truck with that >> i understand that. but even that wasn't even like offered.
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my grandmother and me, at the time i was 18 and 19, we paid off my mom's tomtone i did with my part-time job. i made payments every month. $327, i paid it off myself. i did not find out about the life insurance i found that out actually first. and i didn't find that out until i was 18 when i had my first son and we always worked. my grandma made us have a job even in high school because she said it shows responsibility t for the money. it's to show responsibility to prepare us for life. for what -- nobody promised >> kirk: david you hear these allegations. after janine was murdered did you try and get back into their lives and help with money? >> i came down to see if i could help them anyway i could >> that is a lie. >> kirk: did you help with money? >> i never got in contact with you you would call a and when i did -. >> you did not have a phone
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>> when i found out that you were around when after i was already i want to say a junior or a senior -- >> i picked you up at the bus stop in oakland >> because you seen me on the side of the road catching a bus. you knew my grandma's house we have never -- why didn't you try there? are you afraid of driving there and see your kids >> you do not recall me driving there? your grandmother told me told me you weren't there. >> so what? wait there until we show up. how hard is that. when you love somebody you fight for them. you fight for them. [applause] >> i tried to fight for you all the time. i call you all the time. and you don't return my call >> i don't return your call anymore because y know what? i did. i'm ok. my grandma did a good job >> i agree with you. >> learned that you give
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people second chances. but we need to get answers to and i feelontly, i know how you are but i don't know you like to trust you. i know you as who you are how you always portrayed yourself and i'm thinking you know, should i really believe and take his word? or should i let it go and forgive and forget. i owe it to my mother to find the truth >> i agree. >> i owe it to her >> with out everything comes out, we're all wrong, the hey, at least i found that out. at least i have it and i know. >> and if you are right i'm sorry about tt, too. but i did not -- i did not take any insurance money >> well, the thing about that letter if i found out the answers -- >> kirk: but when janine was murdered, and they -- no one
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deserves anything like that. but when they lost their mother that would have been a chance for you to get down there and do anything you can. to be there for them >> i went for two years i stayed there >> my mom would have been on drugs and when they were together and the best thing that happened was him disappearing. my mom was clean. my mom took care of her kids and she relapsed when she went to california. when i was 13. it is a trigger in the mind is what it does >> why was your mother banded from your grandmother's? >> kirk: did david cash in on s wife's life insurance policy and does he have new policies out on his children? we will talk about that and meet another one of david's daughters when we come back. [applause] [♪] next on "the test"... now let's meet the youngest
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member of the family, ben. do you want a relationship wit your father? >> he is not my father he is nothing to me. he has never been in my life.
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coming up monday, the two-part drama that has these women trapped. is he holding you hostage? >> do you have the maturity to choose one woman. >> i don't think i should have to. >> that has their families
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worried. >> you have a system and this system involves your total control and manipulation of these women >> this is not what a man does to his women. i'm not talking to you. >> that is monday on "the test." [applause] [♪] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". we've been talking to a family who hasn't been able to properly mourn their mom janine who was murdered because they are so angry and suspicious of their father's behavior after her death. also here today is david's youngest daughr emma. the last time she saw her father her sisters to lie to her because she hates him so much. she is here today because she says she is ready for the truth to come out. let's meet emma. [applause] >> kirk: so emma you've heard wh haseen going on >> all fake. and i know it.
9:21 am
i'm not i might have been young when this stuff hapne but i'm not stupid >> not so much that it's fake i feel like the last conversation we had had a while ago when we said we are going to let be how they were and move forward do you remember that conversation we had? and that was a good conversation. i thought ok, we can move forward. and then i did not hear from you for what? another month or two, couple months. nothing. i don't know. >> kirk: why have you not been around these three lovely girls that much? >> it is my biggest mistake. >> not only us three we have a little brother, too. >> kirk: i mean how long have you known it's been a mistake? >> from the first time i left >> kirk: from the first time you left -- >> i've tried to contact them. i've come down to visit. i might not have vised as much
9:22 am
as i should have. but you know, i don't have a lot of money. all i do is work check to check. i am a truck driver >> if there is a will there is a way >> kirk: let's meet the youngest member of the family, ben. hi, ben >> hi. >> kirk: ben you have been watching do you want a relationship with your father? >> he is not my father. he is nothing to me. he has never been in my life never helped me out, helped my grandma and my grandma put me in sports to keep me on the right path. >> kirk: do you want to be a father to this young man? >> why would i want you to be in my life. you will bring me down >> kirk: ben you do not want to accept him as a father? >> i don't either. >> kirk: girls? >> i don't. i don't. >> kirk: but is it too late. if you find out that all the suspicions -- >> it depends >> kirk: are just suspicions is there a cnce?
9:23 am
>> it depends on the results. if the results come out to something good, then, hey, i'm open for it. i honestly am. i've tried reaching out and i don't get nothing back >> i call you guys. check your phones i call you all the time >> you have called me since i had expressed to you that i was... for not hearing from you after you were here >> when i am on the road driving, you know -- >> can i say something. when you do call, what do you expect? the last time you did call me, i didn't want to talk to you because i don't know who you are and what i do know i don't like. so -- >> i don't like myself about it either >> what makes me think i'm going to talk to you if you don't answer the questions i have for you >> when you came to visit me when i lived in oregon that w the best day of my life for you to show up there >> the worst if mine.
9:24 am
pretty much >> kirk: next we'll reveal the results of the test. we will be right back. [applause] coming up next... >> your father realized that his daughters were upset and now he had stormed off the stage. >> i'm done. i don't want to talk to them >> kirk: they just need the answers.can you just >> it's killing me. tony's mom makes a wicked spicy meat sauce. tell me about it. that's why we've got new rolaids liquid. [ male announcer ] with two proven ingredients for your worst heartburn symptoms. [ fieri ] that's how you spell relief. i get supple. [ male announcer ] new gold bond men's lotion. skin strengthening proteins, plus 7 moisturizers. man up.
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is your family in crisis? do you want to confront your family about lies they spread about you? if you want to put your family to the test, call... [applause] [♪]
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>> kirk: all right. here we are. your father realized his daughters were upset. and now he has stormed off the stage >> of course. >> kirk: and that is something that you've seen throughout your lives >> oh, yeah, at my mother's funeral he did that. he got mad because i was hugging my grandpa who raised me instead of him >> and he made a scene and left because we d not want to go near him. we are young dealing with this loss. we are trying to keep our emotions together. my sister and i and my cousin were the ones that spoke at my mom's funeral he wanted us to go and hug him and let him say it will be ok when where have you been? i cannot feel secure with you. so of course i stood by my grandfather because he has raised me he is a good man and he took care of us our whole life with my grandmother and my
9:29 am
mom. and when he seen that he got so mad that he made a scene and literally stormed out of the funeral. you know it's sad because my sister and i like we did have a relationship with him growing up. and it just feels like so my times you give someone the benefit of the doubt -- >> he plays the victim and -- >> he doesn't want the relationship and take responsibility yet he wants to cry to everybody else my kids hate me and don't want nothing to do with me >> he left. >> so many times and don't get nothing out of it. what is the point of trying and trying and trying. i have kids of my own i would never ever in my life -- >> i had no time to try. all the stuff that i knew, i didn't care for it. and until i get answers maybe i will get some type of care >> kirk: we are going to get arity and we want honesty. i will talk to your father because i want to get him out
9:30 am
here. he needs to be here. he cannot keep running from you guys. and especially for the results he has to be here. [applause] david have a cigarette. >> i'm done >> kirk: you got to be here this time. they want to talk to you >> i don't want to talk to them >> kirk: they do want to talk to you. david this is important. it's timt's time to clean the slate. >> i'm done >> kirk: tell me why. can you? can we jt talk? you have beautiful children >> i love them very much >> kirk: and they love you. they just need the answers they need the answers and this is a good chance. tell m why we cannot finish this? it's important for them >> i'm very upset. it's killing me. kirk: i know it is. and that is why you have to stay
9:31 am
here. it's time. yo cannot keep walking from them. >> i love my kids. >> you have not lost themet >> yes, i have >> kirk: no, you haven't. i would not come out here >> i kwou wouldn't. >> kirk: i think it's important for you. they care. you want him back to talk this out, yes? >> really mad. really upset about a lot of things >> everybody is worked up. a lot of things are being said and emotions are comingut. but if you take off and runoff, it's no better than what always happened and we want you got to expect us to be angry, dad, can you not always expect us to be nice happy girls. so much has happened >> kirk: they are fighting for this family >> i wouldn have an initiative to try a find things to ease our minds so that things could be better >> i tried every way i could
9:32 am
>> kirk: let's finish we are not done >> you are taking off because my sister is upset. >> kirk: she has calmed down. >> let's go. >> kirk: ok. all right. [applause] [cheering] >> i'm really upset. i mean i've tried how many times? i wasn't even going to home. >> kirk: you're all here. we will be right back. [cheering] >> kirk: coming up... >> so you are refusing to take the test to prove that you never abused your wife? >> do you want me to walk away again? >> kirk: it's ti to reveal the results of the lie detector test. did you collect a life insurance policy on your ex-wife when she died?
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>> do you like action? do you want to witness shocking results? if you are in the la area and would like to be in the studio audience for a taping of "the test" go to [applause] >> kirk: welcome back.
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we're back. well, i got david to come back out. he realized that it's time to stop running. and it was important that you came out there and wanted him back. part of him thought that you didn't even love him. so he does know that there is loveere. and at the end of the day we really just if there is a way to make this family at least start healing, then that is why we are here. the major rift of late and it started early is this $100,000 life insurance policy. that you think he collected. >> $150,000. >> kirk: whatever the number. it doesn't matter the number >> where is it? >> kirk: that is your defense >> if i evidently received something like that then why is it? >> kirk: we are going to find
9:37 am
out. all right. it's time to reveal the results of david's lie detector test. our lie detector administrator askedavid the following questions: and the polygraph mirator was smooth and the test was smooth? >> it's nerve-wracking. who can take a polygraph test and not feel nerve-wracking about it >> kirk: somebody who has nothing to hide >> it is what it is. >> kirk: i know. are you the beneficiary of any life insurance policies of any of your children? your answer was? >> no. >> kirk: he passed. [applause] >> wow. wow. where the heck did that come from then?
9:38 am
>> kirk: next question. did you collect a life insurance policy on your ex-wife janine durant when she died? your answer was? >> no. >> kirk: youailed that. >> i swore i never collected any money. i don't have any money. >> kirk: they said that you had motorcycles andars >> i have one motorcycle >> and a truck. a pick up an old one >> a red one? >> no, i don't have that >> it's 2007 maybe not now you know. >> i don't own a house. >> that is what i don't understand. >> you got that right and you kids would have had the money >> what about drugs? >> i don't do drugs >> not now maybe. >> i haven't done drugs in many,
9:39 am
many years >> kirk: that is why they are so upset where is the money? >> exactly >> we were not concerned over the money. that is now how we were raised. >> it's take that when you were not a part of it that you would like to ask?ls >> like that concluded everything. >> do you want to check bank records because you cannot cash a check something like that >> that is not relevant if you passed the first one and then the second one you didn't and we've had these suspicions forever since we brought it to your attention i do want to know morement he said that he never put his hands on my mom. i disagree >> i didn't. come on now.ow that. >> kirk: do you want to take a lie detector test to prove that i never laid a hand on her >> i'm going home. >> i'm going home >> take the test? >> take the test! take the test?
9:40 am
>> kirk: this is what your daughters want to know >> the one that started the drugs wit her. is it that hard to answer. whas cheating and drove my mom to take care of theseids by herself because he could not settle down. let's take the blame here it wasn't my mom here >> no, i'm going home. i have nothing more >> kirk: are you refusing to take a test to prove that you never abused yourife? >> do you want me to walk away agai that is what they want >> kirk: they want the truth. they don't want you to walk away >> i understand you don't want to talk to mee never had a relationship. i always lived out of state >> yeah, your choice >> you are the adult we are the child you should have made that relationship. [inaudible] [applause] >> they cannot chase me. i can go and disappear and they will never find me >> you are right
9:41 am
>> you should have came >> you think i got money? >> it doesn't matter about the money >> where in the heck is the money >> i don't care about the money where is my mom. >> kirk: the money is probably been spent. the question is what are you going to do with the kids. we will be right back. [applause] coming up... >> first off, i did not have any money. >> kirk: always see there is an empty seat her did ran again. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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be in the know this november on "the test" >> it's what i want to know is when is the next woman coming in? >> when youant to know the truth. >> i want to know about the life insurance. >> she is out of control kirk: we all want to know the truth >> i know the test results will be p in my favor >> i didn't know nothing about a damn agreement >> kirk: do you for they planned that pregnancy? >> who knows that might not be mine >> i don't know this >> kirk: you said no. >> be in the know on "the test." >> i know where you at. i know where you at.
9:45 am
>> kirk: earlier on "the test"... >> my own mother's funeral he made a scene and left. i seen black eyes and fat lips >> it was low when you ran off when we were younger and get life insurance on her >> kk: you failed that. [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the "the test". as you see there's an empty seat here. david ran again. and -- >> what is new? >> and this time time i don't think you are going to chase after him this time >> no need. there's so much negativity behind him. but we have been positive and we are going to stay positive and i mean we know now he cannot lie. that is the truth. so it's his lss you know. we are successful we are happy we have our families >> we live on in our mother's memory... [applause]
9:46 am
>> kirk: welcome back david first off, i did not collect any money. i was nervous as hell on that. my blood pressure is so high right now it's not funny. you know. i mean they rate me on the verge of a heart attack right now. that is how live my life. but the fact of the matter is i don't have no policy on nobody i one on myself let alone anybody. i did not collect n money if there was anything collected by me it would be in bank records >> kirk: the polygraph administrator takes nerveness into account >> i was nervous through the whole thing. >> kirk: when i come back i want to find out why you are so nervous. we will be
9:47 am
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[applause] >> kir welcome back to "the test." the test is all about honesty. all right. and they found out some answers that they needed. if you are ready to be honest with them and be honest with the fact that you failed t test >> i failed the test but i did not collect any money. i know it looks bad and it sounds bad but it'she truth. >> kirk: don't tell me. tell them. >> and this is what we will continually get and we have to accept it and let it go >> i don't have anything else to say. i got what ieeded. and i am going to continue moving on and taking care of my kids and my fiancee we are going to be happy and we're done trying to be the one chasing >> you can understand. we have had to be is your
9:50 am
vifters from a -- survivors from a young age >> kirk: and you are survivors. you are three strong beautiful women >> thank you >> kirk: and you without question you are making your mother proud everyday by the way you carry yourselves >> that is what i want >> i am a failure as a father, i agree. [applause] >> i want to say i forgive >> i don't expect you to forgive me for anything. i'm not -- i'm sad in my heart for that but i'm the one that has to pay to the price for that d i will go to my grave that way >> kirk: you can go to your grave trying. you can fight for it now. [applause] check out what is happening next time on "the test"... >> coming up monday, two women trapped. >> i didn't know they were still
9:51 am
together >> in a bizarre love triangle >> if i have sex with them then they belong to me >> do you have the maturity to choose one woman? >> i don't think i should have to. all new on "the test." that is monday. >> kirk: janine's body was found in a river in california in june 2001. the san jaoquin sheriff's office confirmed it is a homicide and a cold case. david durant was never a suspect in the case or a person of interest. if you have any information on the case please write to us at the show by going to and remember, if you need to put someone to the test tell us your story on the website. good-bye. [applause] [♪]
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my production company, wendy williams productions is producing it and i'm very excited about it and our friend of the show is actually hosting the award show inside with all the stars and artists and everybody performs. there's goingo be a great performances, too, like keith, jennifer hudson, chaka can, and so on and so forth. it airs on b.e.t. and centric december 1st, so i can't wait. yeah. so now i want to shout out to a good friend of our ow, chanel jones. she's in philadelphia at "good day philadelphia." your tribute to me yesterday on haoween was ridicous, and ridiculous is good. take a look at her in action. here's wendy.
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>> how you doin'. hi, everybody. welcome to the "wendy williams show." you all looko hot today. >> wendy: how you doin, philly. thank you very much. you all watched the tlc movie on vh1. apparently you did. this was the highest rated movie on vh1. so i know everybody watched it tlc's former manager pebbles rd, remember her in the movie, the woman who had shady contracts and stole their money? well, she's speaking out against the gru now, when the girls were here on our show, you remember they said that, you know, there's a rumbling that this might happen, but this is our story and our truth and we're the ones who told the story on vh1. well, in a statement released t us, pebbles says that she's furious at theay was portrain

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